About Us

YogaFit, founded in 1994, is the largest yoga mind body fitness school in the world. We emphasize sports science and alignment principles, as well as the ancient traditions of Yoga. Bringing Yoga to everybody in a safe, accessible and adaptable way, YogaFit allows for a full range of fitness levels, age groups, and health conditions while maintaining the essence of the practice.

Open to instructors, medical providers, teachers, and healthcare professionals, you will not only improve your practice but will change the way you communicate with yourself. YogaFit Trainings are also perfect for yoga enthusiasts that want to deepen their personal practice. Practitioners of all lineages can benefit from taking a YogaFit training. YogaFit has trained over 250,000 people around the world and has over 50 different educational modules.


Our wide variety of one, two, and four-day offerings allow you to design a curriculum that works with your schedule, interests, and budget.


No matter what path you are on, fitness professional, mental health provider, enthusiast, first responder, we welcome everyone into the YogaFit community. You will meet like-minded people.


YogaFit is founded in sports science, alignment principles, and safety in the most updated science. It is adaptable for a wide variety of ages, fitness levels, backgrounds and health conditions.


No big upfront costs or time commitment; it is truly pay-as- you go.


No matter where you are in the world, you will not be far away from a YogaFit workshop, training or mind body fitness conference.


YogaFit has been bringing yoga to people worldwide for over 20 years in an accessible manner. Community Service is the foundation of our school, as all of our teacher trainees offer community service classes free of charge prior to receiving their Level One certificate.

YogaFit teachers are encouraged to offer donation classes in their communities. As a school, YogaFit has contributed over 2 million community service hours to diverse populations: First responders, veterans, seniors, battered women, those incarcerated, those who are terminally ill and their caregivers, Beth Shaw, YogaFit’s founder, is an active philanthropist actively involved in human rights and animal advocacy charities. We believe in karma yoga and giving back is truly our passion.